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Support Black Businesses Release

The purpose of this beer is to continue amplifying Black voices while also supporting Black businesses in the DMV area.

We have partnered with 4 Black-restaurants and brewed a Trappist-style triple beer because it would pair well with cuisines from each restaurant. 

Our active commitment towards social justice and racial equity is non-stop. Education is at the heart of who we are and what we do. We recognize our privileged social identities and choose to use our power to advocate for better business. We will continue to push against systems that disproportionately distribute resources to historically marginalized communities and Black businesses.


“Amplify Black Voices” was our first step, “Support Black Businesses” is our next one. We understand that social justice and racial equity will happen over time, not overnight – but we can’t do this work alone. We appreciate Tim’s (@TheIPAWay) leadership and invite all of our community members and local breweries to walk with us in this fight towards a just future. 

For more details on the collaboration and release, visit or click here

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Toyin Alli, the Owner of Puddin' got her start in 2010 as a street food vendor at DC's historic Eastern Market on Capitol Hill.


Since her start, Puddin' has grown to include various local markets, including Union Market and two food trucks.


At Puddin', Toyin specializes in divine southern comfort food
including Chicken 'n Beef Sausage Gumbo, Shrimp 'n Grits, Etouffee, Red Beans ’n Rice, Shrimp, Rapahannock Oyster and Wild Blue Catfish po’boys and of course, her signature dish and the company's namesake, Brown Butter Bourbon Bread Puddin'.

Puddin' serves local, sustainable and great tasting Wild Blue Catfish from the Chesapeake Bay Watershed and local Rappahannock Oysters!

Instagram: @DCPuddin 

#divinecomfortfood #Blackgirlmagic

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Urban Charcuterie

Founded in 2019, Urban Charcuterie is a grazing company bringing all your board dreams to life! A completely customized experience for any occasion whether it is for a self-care day, family function, or day with friends. A Urban Charcuterie board will be a showstopper at any occasion. 

From grazing boards ranging from personal sized boards to grazing tables to private classes, Urban Charcuterie is here to provide you anything you may need. Vegan and Vegetarian options are available! 


You can show support by: following us on IG, sharing and liking our posts, booking a board or private class with us, and telling friends and family about us!


IG: @UrbanCharcuterie

Founder IG: @TheUrbanTea




In early 2015, Roaming Rooster was founded in Washington, D.C. by a family with a unique concept. The idea of a food truck with fried chicken that you could feel good about eating: free-range, grain-fed chicken served fresh every day.


Within months, word got out on social media about the delicious poultry menu and the demand for Roaming Rooster soon called for the expansion from one food truck to three.


Since then, the popularity of the only food trucks in D.C. serving tasty free-range chicken has grown massively. Requests for catering, private events and scheduled food truck visits have been pouring in from D.C. and the surrounding areas of Maryland and Northern Virginia.


The fast expansion of Roaming Rooster in just under a year is easy to explain - where your food comes from matters, and we bring that ideal to every meal we serve.

Locations: Woodridge, U-Street, and Tenleytown

IG: @RoamingRooster1


Urban Chefs


Chef Corey has been cooking since the tender age of 9, He was inspired by his mentors which happened to be his grandmothers. His earliest memories are triggered by the aromas from their homes and being welcomed in by the smells of fresh southern cuisine being curated for the nourishment of his soul. 

Corey picked up the gift of cooking early by taking on the daunting task of recreating the dishes that were prepared for him with minimal guidance from his elders. While only using his pallet to mimic the flavors and experience, Corey’s destiny was born. He attended home economics courses in a traditional high school and later transitioned to a vocational school to hone his talents as a young and upcoming chef. There he was being molded into the baking portion of the program. He competed in the regional and state baking competitions, racking up scholarships and grants to pay for school. He chose the baking and pastry program at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island.

After the successful completion of his studies, Corey returned to Brooklyn, New York to explore his dream of working in Manhattan at the best restaurants. He landed his first job a the Ritz Carlton in a popular restaurant called Town owned by Geoffrey Zakarian. Since then, he has served on the lines at Dona by Donnatella Arpia working under Chef Micheal Silakis, Gramercy Tavern with Nancy Olsen, and Christina Tosi at Momofuku Milk Bar.

We look forward to cooking for you! 

IG: UrbanChefsTable


Just Seasoned


Just Seasoned Well was started in 2019 to bring more attention to the Black owned restaurants, businesses and black chefs in and around the DMV. Washington, DC has a rich culture and history within Black History. The page has not only helped expose some of that history, but bring attention to the up and coming entrepreneurs, culture makers and food creatives that are drawing national attention to DC for something other than politics. 


After the national protests of Summer 2020, it has been a joy collaborating with businesses and creatives to amplify Black voices. We look forward to continuing collaborations with other content creators and businesses to help bring more attention to the Black Lives Matters movements and injustices against Black bodies. 

IG: @JustSeasonedWell

#BlackFoodie #JustSeasonedWell


A native of South Carolina, Brandon moved to Baltimore 3 years ago. He has always been an enthusiast of the visual and performing arts, so coming to the DMV area was definitely a worthwhile endeavor.


Brandon is the artist who created both the "Amplify Black Voices" and "Support Black Businesses" can label. He has a deep passion for human rights, mental health awareness, and advocates fiercely for the Black and LGBTQIA+ communities.


His dream is to create platforms for artists to share their testimonies with the world. "The arts can, and will continue to, change our world

IG: @Kem0Siri


After moving to the DMV, Tim created @TheIPAWay to memorialize his brewery experiences, while introducing, and socializing Black people into the craft beer industry. Throughout his time in the area, he has connected with many dope breweries and taprooms, but Hellbender Brewing instantly became a safe haven. 

Over the last two years, Tim and Hellbender have collaborated a few signature events including the first @TheIPAWay Kickback and the release of "Amplify Black Voices." Tim is excited for another opportunity to lead the wave in the craft beer industry, by deliberating supporting the local community and Black owned restaurants through the "Support Black Businesses" release. 

As a current educator and PhD student, Tim understands the importance of education. He hopes we not only enjoy this beer but also consider how we can utilize your privilege to amplify Black voices and support Black businesses. 

Together we can help all Black people and businesses identify their passion, inspire vision, and walk in their purpose. 

IG: @TheIPAWay

#TheIPAWay #WalkWithTFB

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